Exceptional property investment opportunities worldwide.

Real estate can play an important role in a well-balanced and diversified portfolio. Through our leading providers, Infinity are able to offer our clients access to an impressive portfolio of investment properties throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

Successful investing in property requires in-depth knowledge of international real estate markets, the capability to analyse those markets and the ability to arrange local day to day management of assets. All those things fall outside the scope of Infinity’s financial planning remit which is why we team up with property specialists to offer an award-winning property investment service to our clients.

The world is full of property agents selling real estate stock and the standard industry model is to acquire listings and then packaging those to appeal to buyers. Our partners take the time to identify the specific property markets that offer outstanding value at the point of purchase. Additional research then identifies the best developments within local markets to further enhance the upside potential of any investment. It is only then that properties are presented to potential investors.

Through our partners, we are also able to offer a network of day to day property management agents in most locations and a culture of service delivery throughout the process.
Our partners’ insight driven process of selecting investment property and commitment to delivering outstanding service offers our clients the best route to a successful property investment.

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