Investments for Expats
Smart Investment

Maximise your income as an expat in Hong Kong and beat inflation with smart investment choices.

Regular Savings

Building capital through regular savings is a straightforward way for people to achieve their goals.

Retirement Planning

Having a secure retirement is important, whether it’s around the corner or on the horizon.

Property Investment

Investing in property can greatly benefit your portfolio and provide long-term returns. Find out how.

Medical Insurance and Protection

Protect yourself and your family with quality medical insurance. We design cover plans for all budgets.

Group Insurance
Life and Critical Illness

It’s vital to have full insurance protection for your lives, businesses and property. We take the guesswork out of the process.

International Banking
International Banking

International bank accounts offer expats a range of benefits, like international multi-currency transfers and tax advantages.

Trust Services and Tax

Trusts can be established for family accession and tax mitigation. We work with leading trust companies and tax advisers to give you a holistic service.

Estate Planning and Will Writing
Estate Planning & Will Writing

Should the worst happen, you need to be sure your family is taken care of. Ensure your loved ones are protected with proper estate planning and a valid will.