Risk and Liability Services

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    All companies require some form of specialist risk insurance to operate.

    All companies worldwide need certain types of specialist and risk insurance, sourcing these types of insurances can be difficult in some countries. Even then once you have sourced them are you getting the right advice and the appropriate insurance requirements for your business?

    Infinity as a broker can assist companies with this type of decision as we have a number of different providers who specialise in these types of risk insurance.

    The following is brief descriptions of some of these services available, for more detailed information please get in contact with Infinity.

    Product Liability Insurance

    This is comprehensive and includes the following areas of insurance.

    • Industrial All Risks
    • Business Interruption
    • Contractor All Risks
    • Erection All Risks
    • Advance Loss of Risks
    • Commercial General Liability
    • Legal Liability
    • Employer Liability
    • Public Liability
    • Excess & Umbrella Liability
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Errors & Omissions insurance
    • Directors & Officers Insurance
    • Employment Practices Insurance
    • Protection & Indemnity

    Kidnap & Ransom Risk Insurance

    For employees either visiting or working in high risk areas of the world

    Aviation Insurance

    Insuring assets to loss of licence cover

    Marine Insurance

    Professional negligence insurance

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