Could You Make Your Child A Millionaire?

It might sound like a farcical idea but bear with us as it’s not as outlandish a suggestion as you might think. Granted, this article will not be relevant to everyone, but if your own pension is on track to meet your retirement goals and you have surplus disposable income,…

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Ten Advantages Of Setting Up Your Business In Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a wealth of advantages to businesses. As one of the world’s financial powerhouses, Hong Kong has independent executive, legislative and judiciary powers and is a popular choice for overseas companies wishing to set up regional offices or headquarters. But what are the other reasons which make Hong…

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Financial Planning Must Dos When Considering A Move To The Uk

Following Boris Johnson’s decision earlier this year to extend visa-free access for Hong Kong’s 300,000 or so British National Overseas passport holders (with millions more eligible) from six months to five years, the Foreign Office are estimating that as many as 200,000 Hong Kong citizens may move to the UK.…

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Cultivating Emotional Resilience Post Covid-19

Discover the art of maintaining emotional balance during this challenging time The Covid-19 pandemic has required us all to dig deep to find emotional resilience to deal with a new reality and often challenging situations. Many expats in Asia and elsewhere have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, with many…

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Financial Tips To Get Through Pandemic

The financial impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is clearly going to be huge on both a macro and a micro level. It’s certainly an issue which is causing a huge amount of anxiety to investors at the current time. Our advisers have been receiving an unprecedented number of questions and…

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