What Should Your Financial Priorities Be?

Barring the billionaires amongst you (!) we all have limited financial resources which means making choices as to how we spend our earnings each month. Working out what our priorities should be is not always easy. Of course, survival dictates that we cover our basic living costs such as accommodation,…

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Think You Can Wait To Start A Pension? Think Again

‘… only a few years outside the workforce can have a dramatic effect on a person’s chances of building up a pension. Contributions in the early years of someone’s working life are crucial in generating a satisfactory sum to live on in retirement.’ This recent quote from UK newspaper, The…

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Working Into Your Seventies: Lifestyle Choice Or No Choice?

Recent figures show that record numbers of people in their seventies are continuing to work. Rest Less, a website which describes itself as a ‘digital community for the over 50s’ recently analysed figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics and found that the number of over 70s in employment…

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Will You Have The Luxury Of Choice In Retirement?

What does your perfect retirement look like? Do you plan to emigrate somewhere exotic with guaranteed sunshine to warm your aging bones or would you prefer to stay close to family, helping out with grandchildren, surrounded by your loved ones? Do you want to keep working into your sixties, or…

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Should Your Investment Strategy Change As You Get Older?

Whether you’re a graduate just starting out on your career or a veteran worker with the finishing line in sight, investing to secure your financial future in retirement is essential. As state coffers dwindle and pensions become ever-less generous, none of us should be relying on state benefits to sustain…

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Cash Today, Poverty Tomorrow

‘Cash today, poverty tomorrow’ : do you risk running out of money in retirement? Saving for retirement has always been a question of balancing instant gratification today with safeguarding the financial future of tomorrow. Of course we could all easily spend everything we earn without a thought for how we will…

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Female, Retired And Bankrupt: Don’t Let It Be You

Imagine that you are a 62 year old woman approaching retirement with no saving. You have some debts but the repayments are manageable and you are proud to have stayed solvent your entire life. Suddenly your partner dies, or decides he wants a divorce, and you find yourself unable to…

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retire early and FIRE concept

Retire Early and FIRE Concept

How do you fancy working until you’re 75? No, us neither. We would prefer to retire early. But that’s the way things are going for those who rely on a state pension. In the UK the Centre for Social Justice, a think tank which advises current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson,…

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