Could You Make Your Child A Millionaire?

It might sound like a farcical idea but bear with us as it’s not as outlandish a suggestion as you might think. Granted, this article will not be relevant to everyone, but if your own pension is on track to meet your retirement goals and you have surplus disposable income,…

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What Should Your Financial Priorities Be?

Barring the billionaires amongst you (!) we all have limited financial resources which means making choices as to how we spend our earnings each month. Working out what our priorities should be is not always easy. Of course, survival dictates that we cover our basic living costs such as accommodation,…

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Think You Can Wait To Start A Pension? Think Again

‘… only a few years outside the workforce can have a dramatic effect on a person’s chances of building up a pension. Contributions in the early years of someone’s working life are crucial in generating a satisfactory sum to live on in retirement.’ This recent quote from UK newspaper, The…

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Ten Advantages Of Setting Up Your Business In Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a wealth of advantages to businesses. As one of the world’s financial powerhouses, Hong Kong has independent executive, legislative and judiciary powers and is a popular choice for overseas companies wishing to set up regional offices or headquarters. But what are the other reasons which make Hong…

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Financial Planning Must Dos When Considering A Move To The Uk

Following Boris Johnson’s decision earlier this year to extend visa-free access for Hong Kong’s 300,000 or so British National Overseas passport holders (with millions more eligible) from six months to five years, the Foreign Office are estimating that as many as 200,000 Hong Kong citizens may move to the UK.…

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Five Financial Planning Must-Dos For All New Parents

There is no denying that a new baby is a game changer for all rookie parents. When you become a mum or dad you take on the responsibility for the wellbeing of another human. That involves not just the immediate challenges of keeping your baby fed, clean and physically safe…

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Working Into Your Seventies: Lifestyle Choice Or No Choice?

Recent figures show that record numbers of people in their seventies are continuing to work. Rest Less, a website which describes itself as a ‘digital community for the over 50s’ recently analysed figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics and found that the number of over 70s in employment…

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