are you rich enough

Are You Rich Enough?

Do you consider yourself to be rich? Most of you would answer no to that question. You probably live in a fairly average house, drive a pretty normal car and have to save up for holidays, luxuries and your child’s university education. Your life is a world away from the…

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climate change affects insurance premium

Climate Change Affects Insurance Premium

Aside from a few hard-core climate deniers, most of us have woken up in recent years to the fact that we are irreparably damaging our planet and need to do something about it fast. Evidence of climate change is all around us, especially here in Asia. Back in 2014 the…

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Financial Planning As A Subject In Schools

Whoever you are and whatever you do, financial literacy is a critical life skill. All of us need to know the money management basics such as how debt works, why it’s a bad idea to go on a spending spree with a credit card, how to budget within our means…

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