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The odds of becoming a centenarian are increasing. Are you prepared for four decades of retirement?

In April 2023, France’s national statistics office, INSEE, released figures showing that France has 30 times more centenarians than in 1975. With the odds of reaching 100 increasing, a solid retirement plan is essential for everyone. 30-fold increase in centenarians in France France has been in the news recently with its population up in arms…


27th January 2022
Demystifying ESG and a Look at How It Plays An Important Part In An Investment Portfolio

Following on from our economic review of 2021 and thoughts for 2022 webinar, Infinity’s Managing Director, Trevor Keidan, will host a second session focusing on the the hugely exciting and fast-moving world of sustainable investing. ESG investing has gone mainstream in the last few years and provides an attractive investment opportunity as the global economy…


Flying The Nest To Uni: How Much Does It Cost? And Is It Worth It?

This week thousands of new undergraduates in the UK are starting university. Many are frightened at just how much their degree is going to cost but research shows that a university education is worth the money. Parents can ease the burden by planning ahead. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has just released…