Here’s an overview of Infinity Financial Solutions, including the regulatory and supervisory stuff.


Infinity Financial Solutions Ltd is registered in Hong Kong (company number 1536776) under the Companies Ordinance (Laws of Hong Kong).

Under Hong Kong regulations, a person who acts as an insurance broker must have authorisation from the Insurance Authority or be a member of a body of insurance brokers approved by the Insurance Authority.

Infinity Financial Solutions became a member of the HKCIB effective 21 July 2011, under membership number #0462, transacting Long Term (including linked long term) Insurance business until the Insurance Authority took over as the sole regulator effective 23rd September 2019.

Infinity Financial Solutions is a licensed Insurance Broker Company FB1219.

In order to be admitted to the Insurance Authority, an insurance broker must meet minimum requirements in respect of:

  • Capital and Net Assets
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Qualifications and Experience as well as Fit & Proper criteria
  • Keeping of Separate Client Accounts
  • Keeping of separate records, and the keeping of proper books and accounts.

These requirements are determined by the Insurance Authority. If an insurance broker does not meet these standards, the Insurance Authority can withdraw the insurance broker’s membership.

Personal Data (Privacy) Policy – Hong Kong

Infinity Financial Solutions is licensed by the Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (registration number IC00975).