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Infinity Financial Solutions is a leading provider of expat financial services and wealth management services in Hong Kong. We are dedicated to providing exceptional financial consulting service to both our individual and corporate clients.

A combination of carefully tailored financial planning and a wide range of options is at the heart of what makes Infinity different from other financial advisers. We’re completely independent, so the advice we give is impartial and unbiased.

We’re here to protect, build and maximise your wealth for the future security of you and your family. But most of all, we want to help you achieve your hopes and objectives, whatever they may be. The possibilities are endless.

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24th July is International Self-Care Day which promotes self-care as a vital foundation of health. Financial planning may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of self-care but we know that financial problems can take a huge toll on our mental and physical health. Getting your finances in order significantly…
Health insurance should be high up the list of financial priorities for expats living in Asia. You and your family are unlikely to be eligible for free treatment in the country in which you are resident and will find the cost of medical treatment very high if you don’t have a comprehensive medical insurance policy.…
Are you holding on to cash assets that are surplus to your requirements? What if that money were invested? While it’s always nice to have cash in the bank, there is a balancing act to be struck between having enough of a buffer to deal with any emergencies that life might throw at you and…
3rd July is International Plastic Bag Free Day, designed to raise awareness of the negative impact of using plastic bags and encourage shoppers to use more sustainable options. We all know the planet is in trouble so we’ve put together this list of eight simple switches you can make to greenify your life. 1. Carry…